Android Academy Course

An interesting learning course

It so happened that I have some time to do additional training in mobile technologies, and I found a cool course on Android Enterprise Security from Google itself. It is called the Android Enterprise Academy and is all about Android Security nuances. The course is quite interactive, I would even prefer them to have a bit less of those bells & whistles, especially needless “click a button to open some text” things. [Read More]

Portal2Site Migration4Security

My blog and knowledge base on VMware EUC in process of migration

A month ago I decided to relaunch my tech blog for the Nth time I guess. It seems that every one of my blogs works as some kind of proof of concept for me before diving into a complex web project. This time around I am testing static website generation, using GitLab repository, CI/CD engine and Gitlab Pages web containers. The goal I am trying to reach here is to tighten security of my web resources. [Read More]

VMware Workspace ONE Access Base Disk

How to make a larger primary disk on the appliance

Yesterday I described how to extend the logical LVM-based disks on Workspace ONA Access appliance. But as I mentioned, the disk is split between a primary partition and LVM-controlled space with 2 volumes. So I dealt with the LVM part, but now the primary disk also needs to be enlarged. To be specific, there are 4 primary partitions, and only one needs remapping - the root / partition. Luckily, this partition is the last one in the list, so when we add some linear space, we can just increase the size of the last partition without the need to move or delete other primary partitions out there. [Read More]

VMware Workspace ONE Access Disk Extend

How to make a larger disk on the appliance with LVM

Hello! I will start my blog out with a situation I encountered at one of the customers: they actively play with multi-factor auth using VMware Workspace ONE Access (built on PhotonOS Linux) and deployed one of its’ early versions, which required 60Gb of disk space. Once they started an upgrade/migration to a newer version and looked at the requirements, they found that now 100Gb is a must. So we cannot just migrate - we need some space there! [Read More]